Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan

Planning Process

Planning exercises for the next Long Range Plan (2022—2026) are underway. Below is an outline of the planning process including the public consultation components. Revisit this page periodically to find updates and progress, as well as links to documents. 

Download our Terms of Reference and Committee Membership.

The LRP Committee meets regularly via videoconference. Meeting schedules are available via Indico.

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

  • September/October - LRPC Meetings
  • October/November - Community online surveys
    • November - SAP LRP Online survey
  • December 1 - Institute briefs submitted 
  • December - LRPC meetings

Winter 2020/2021

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

  • June-August - LRPC Meetings
  • June - LRP draft recommendations for feedback (CAP Congress)
  • July/August - Completion of LRP Report

Fall 2021

  • September - LRP report text finalized 
  • October/November - Production of LRP report
    • Typesetting and graphic design of LRP report
    • Translation of report
  • December (TBC) - LRP report published